China Global Business

Blange has been growing with international partners in partnership with Shanghai’s partner company in China Shanghai (Shanghai Exhibition Center) (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., utilizing an international network.

Offshore development

Brange’s offshore offshore development business has a very high cost performance in all aspects such as facilities, personnel and infrastructure, as well as a dedicated engineer dedicated to customer companies familiar with cutting-edge IT technology, and quality planning stage From upstream design, development, maintenance to leave with confidence.

Local support service

Through partner companies in Shanghai, China, Blange has been supporting customers who are considering developing business in China. We will provide you with the necessary information and know-how to help you develop business based on Chinese business practice, legal system etc. We will support customer’s problem solving.

Utilizing strong partnerships with overseas affiliates and partner companies, we will help group companies as a whole so that Japanese companies can build optimal local systems for Chinese business.

Blange provides high-quality IT services to Chinese local companies as well. By utilizing the expertise cultivated in Japan, we are using it for local financial institutions and other customers seeking high reliability.