Company Policy

Braindge, Bridges Your Business
Braindge provides comprehensive services that combine the following:
  • “Human Service”
  • “Technology Service”
  • “Information Service”

We aim to become Global Financial IT Company that provides Good Quality, High Value Added, Low Cost with High Performance Services as a partner to support our customers’ new business.

Human Service

Braindge has Excellent Group of Employees.
We value the skillset of our employee in order to blend in with this rapidly evolving and changing IT industry. Braindge prepares ideal environment and continues to grow our employees to move forward positively.

With our knowledge and expertise, Know-How to accomplish, management and communication skillset, we are able to answer our clients’ requests.

Empoyees in Braindge create Values for Our Customers.

Technology Service

Braindge provides Technology Services.
Braindge has experience in System Development using reliable technology especially in Financial Industry. With Know-How to accomplish and business knowledge in these areas, we develop High Value System to our client.

Braindge provides Reliable and High-Quality Technology Services.

Information Service

Braindge is Expanding Global Businesses.
As globalization rapidly advances, global information is indispensable to support economic activity and gain new business opportunities.

With the trend of globalization and creating new business opportunities globally, Braindge sets up branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai and Tokyo. With unique information & networks of these countries, we support customer for oversea business expansion. Based on clients’ needs, we provide the right resources and information.
“Braindge supports Oversea Business Expansion”.

Who We Are

Braindge, Bridges Your Business


Optimizing business processes enable companies to spend more time on the core business rather than focusing on secondary tasks. This leads the business functions to be more efficient and effective.


A team of dedicated and experienced professionals delivers customized solution for the diverse business areas such as financial institution, insurance, securities, government, and non-government sectors.


We have great minds working together. We interact with other divisions of the company to assess the needs of our clients and develop a tailored solution to achieve the targets.


As todays’ business world is more complex than before, so involvement of our Enterprise Architectures into clients’ business is a significant part of the Braindge culture to understand the fundamental requirements of the system.

What We Do

bridges your business