Global Business

With wide experience in Financial Institution, Government, Insurance, Securities, and other sectors’ Projects, Braindge extended its business and market in Japan, China, and South East Asia. Also Utilizing advanced technology and accumulated knowledge, Braindge provides consultation for the companies who want to expand their businesses in these countries.

Braindge marketing, systems development, designing, testing, implementing, and development services are exceptional on many dimensions.

Who We Are

Braindge, Bridges Your Business


Optimizing business processes enable companies to spend more time on the core business rather than focusing on secondary tasks. This leads the business functions to be more efficient and effective.


A team of dedicated and experienced professionals delivers customized solution for the diverse business areas such as financial institution, insurance, securities, government, and non-government sectors.


We have great minds working together. We interact with other divisions of the company to assess the needs of our clients and develop a tailored solution to achieve the targets.


As todays’ business world is more complex than before, so involvement of our Enterprise Architectures into clients’ business is a significant part of the Braindge culture to understand the fundamental requirements of the system.

What We Do

Braindge, Bridges Your Business