System Development System


For business application development, users in each industry are required to realize high quality, low cost and high performance. We participate in system development from the upstream process, cooperate with customers in business, technology and management, and take responsibility for developing high-quality systems.

We have provided track record of providing business system development solutions in various fields such as banking, non-life insurance, nonbank and other areas, including public and distribution. Utilizing advanced technology and accumulated know-how, we provide optimum system for customers from package to customization.
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In addition, we can achieve offshore development, which is said to be difficult, with low cost and high performance by collaborating with Brange Shanghai (Shanghai Exhibition Center Shanghai Co., Ltd.) which is a partner company in Shanghai, China. We make the best use of the resources of Shanghai BRANGE to secure highly skilled engineers, contribute to the provision of high quality service and cost reduction in various fields.

Solution service

For finance / insurance industry

For manufacturing industry



Skill holding list

To respond to the diverse needs of customers and to solve problems, Blange utilizes diverse technical assets.

Technical application example

Open data utilization service

It is expected that new business opportunities will be created by making effective use of various data publicly available on the website by public institutions called open data.

On the other hand, it is difficult to find the information that is really necessary from among the various information publicly available by various public institutions.

At Blange he engaged in the development of a portal site that can collect various open data of each public institution collectively from a single site, and in order to collect and utilize information more efficiently, we will introduce cutting-edge advanced technology such as CKAN · Phyton · Django We worked on problem solving by using it.

Application Development of Robot Pepper

Blange is also working on the development of robot application for humanoid robot “Pepper (Pepper)” developed and provided by SOFTBANK Group.

I am challenging with the latest technology such as Python to the new field which realizes the robot’s future.

Big data research and development

Along with the evolution of technology, we are also working on the research and development of big data that is attracting attention recently.

I introduce some of the technology that Blange has.

development language

In addition to conventional development languages ​​such as Java, .NET, etc., in recent years, we are concentrating on the latest technologies such as Python and HTML5.


HirDB etc. We are also familiar with manufacturer’s own database.



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