What We Do

Braindge, Bridges Your Business


Wanted to know how your business is performing? Where are your customers, competitors, and suppliers? Where should you advertise?

Braindge has answers for all your questions.

Consult our Fintech experts and determine what percent of businesses you are outperforming in your industry. We architected and engineered the technology to deliver cutting edge solutions to the financial industry’s largest and most demanding players. From traditional financial services till the modern mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising, and asset management, Braindge is reimagining what financial services can be in a digital world.

Building a strong structure together with Silverlake System and SOA Architecture, Braindge has track record of core banking implementations and infrastructure that can reshape the financial sector.
Get connect with us because we have better solution for your financial needs.

Big Data / Open Data

Braindge works as big data and data science specialists for your business and research needs. We develop and implement a business model before starting new business or simply integrate the technology in your existing business model.

We collaborate with diverse business to provide technical assistance to your business, and develop inventive, practical, and cost-effective solutions for the complex big data problems. We help you monitor and gain insight into you high value assets using real time open data. We help you get connected with governments, cities, health sectors, technology and education sectors, and small and large enterprises by putting their data to work. It also allows you to devote more time in the innovation and improvements of your business.


Braindge is also a global software solutions provider with a strong focus on emerging technology blockchain. We offer blockchain based solutions and team extension for blockchain projects. Our services also include Blockchain tech consultation, public and private blockchains development, and distributed eCommerce solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Braindge discovers, develops, and deploys immersive technical solutions for the future of your business! We build a tech suite for your business needs where human performance is supported by Artificial Intelligence. The increasing business problems will be solved instantly through predictive analytics, data science, data governance, and digital business automation using AI.

Who We Are

bridges your business


Optimizing business processes enable companies to spend more time on the core business rather than focusing on secondary tasks. This leads the business functions to be more efficient and effective.


A team of dedicated and experienced professionals delivers customized solution for the diverse business areas such as financial institution, insurance, securities, government, and non-government sectors.


We have great minds working together. We interact with other divisions of the company to assess the needs of our clients and develop a tailored solution to achieve the targets.


As todays’ business world is more complex than before, so involvement of our Enterprise Architectures into clients’ business is a significant part of the Braindge culture to understand the fundamental requirements of the system.

What We Do

Braindge, Bridges Your Business